Genie Genie: Fetal / Faire un Voeu double release

Leeds’ Genie Genie and main man Tiss (formerly drummer with Honey Arcade), has an innate sense of the dramatic; be that in personal style, in film or in music. From the new summer 2020 double release, Genie Genie track Fetal rather has the cinematic scope of a Bond movie theme tune.

Fetal blends a perfect brew, drawing as it does from dramatic art, the high camp glam of the early 70’s and the gothic. If that were not enough, it is all magically mixed with a sprinkle of Eastern mystic. Billie Ellish could happily sing Fetal. In fact I could imagine Bassey making it her own too.

In style with Genie Genie, I get something of the spirit of early 1980’s Goth band Bauhaus (who of course put their own spin on Bolan and Bowie classics), The Sex Gang Children (now that’s a name which didn’t age well) or Marc Almond in his deeply gothic stage, none of whom were shy of genre or stereotype smashing. Genie Genie cites Transglobal Underground as an influence; a group who keeps you in suspense by mixing world music into their songs.

I like to think today’s young are more encompassing than previous generations (at least until the plastic lure of the 5 bed detached “executive home” kills your individuality) and I can see Genie Genie being a force to stretch further boundaries. Ha, no pressure on young shoulders there then, but Tiss is a guy who appears comfortable in his own skin and I think has a rare originality in the indie scene at the moment.

The second track in the release Faire un Voeu (translation: Make A Wish) is in some senses the most understated of the three released Genie Genie tracks so far. It has a delicious lazy swagger of an opening, with a dark, dangerous and dirty organ sound which could come straight from the Animals House of The Rising Sun sessions.

Let Me Wish For You is the main line in the track which puts a delicious twist on the meaning. Our own experiences as a listener often transports us into a place the writer didn’t intend. However, Tiss explains that basically the song is referencing how some people if they could wish would ask for money riches and stuff, but some would go for a romantic relationship. Or a lust for anyone in general.

Genie Genie are quickly demanding that you listen to them and on the three tracks released so far, I think this could be a huge huge thing. To find out more about Genie Genie here’s an interview we did together.

Chris R

* Images taken from Genie Genie’s social media account


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