Rivver’s new single Essence

As the joke goes, I can’t form an opinion about human indecision. The thought there might be something better around the corner has created some wonderful advances in our world, but on the other hand, the pure emotional twisting and turning of whether to accept the status quo or strike out in the hope of a brighter future, has been the cause of much personal mental anguish.

These conflicted viewpoints are ultimately the starting point of Rivver’s new single Essence. With Essence, Rivver have a really strong sound.

The lyrics feature a guy hitting the bottle and although he doesn’t want to go, he also knows he can’t stay. Those conflicting emotions flow through the song as our man reflects on his jumping ship.

From its initial almost hesitant guitar riff, it builds up and builds up to reflect the inner turmoil of the song’s subject. Meanwhile the vocals of Matt Barber are striking. It’s the kind of voice that in time will really gain a presence and be unique. I like the power and tone in this voice.

The only thing I can say with surety is that I love this track. Rivver (Matt Barber, Vocals and Guitar, Danny Harrison, guitar and backing vocals, James Snow, Bass and Synth, and Tim Glynn, drums) are another hugely promising band from Wigan and have been together for 12 months now. I always love how success and a banging local scene just encourages others to join the party.

Before lockdown Rivver were cutting a mark on the local gig scene and in Liverpool. Let’s see them pick up where they left off before too long passes.

The band cite a whole range of influences from Fleetwood Mac, Foals, The Killers, The Smiths and DMA’s. It’s certainly true, the sound is a melting pot and has a mix of indie and a hint of solid bluesy rock to my ear.

Essence is Rivver’s second spotify track and the first Elena proves that this young bands sense of building up some drama in a song is no flash in the pan. Essence has flow and depth and is a certified banger. What comes next for this band is gonna be exciting.

Chris R


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