Son’s Arcade New Single Tell Me About It

How can music just be soooooo fking good? I adore this. Leeds based Son’s Arcade’s new single Tell Me About It has a melody structure where the components and the vocals feel just so tight af and all intertwined together. In my minds eye, it looks like a Thai python snake wrapped amongst a weeping fig tree. OK, perhaps I do need to lay off the illicits for a bit with my flowery descriptions, but these vibes reminds me of the smoking and dangerous rhythm of the likes of the Monkeys and Do I Wanna Know. Yep, that good.

While the tune might have the antecedent of Sheffield majesty, the vocals have an additional cool smokiness; lead singer Sam Hutchinson feels just like a younger and hungrier Kelly Jones. Smooth and dangerous at the same time. Yep, also that good.

The song was one that almost didn’t see light of day. Sam Hutchinson felt his lyrics were personal and raw to him and an expression of emotion through a difficult time. The band mates (Dylan Roberts, (drums), Tom Dixon, (guitar), and Leon French (bass)) added to and drew it together, and persuaded Sam it was a keeper. Great call.

What I also love about Son’s Arcade and Tell Me About It is that they feel almost like a bridge between the present and a whole flow of musical history. Look over the edge of that bridge, across the surface and into the river eddies and currents, and you will spot splashes and mini whirlpools of classic tunes. I love all the music I review, but amongst them I do have favourite sons and daughters.

One of the travails of a music reviewer comes when the artist you are reviewing has a whole boxfull of sounds to share. Another example of total class, Son’s Arcade most recent single before this, Time I Got Out, has a very cool 1980’s rock classic feel, whereas the band’s first single Your Drunken Mouth released 3 days before lockdown in March (poor timing lads) is a lovely upfront, straightforward indie banger. Son’s Arcade might be perplexing us at the moment, but actually, that sheer diversity that’s going on really bodes well for a long long shelflife. I’m not banking on the yellow half price stickers being popped on these guys anytime soon.

Chris R

Images from the bands social media. Photos from Macey Newberry


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