San Francisco release new single (Not) Sentimental

It’s difficult to launch a music project in a pandemic but Leeds based San Francisco (aka Iwan Grant) is showing us how to do it. His second single (Not) Sentimental is a solid catchy banger and which will continue to fan the waves and ripples created from the San Francisco debut single Just Friends. Not only do we have music but Iwan has some CD’s, posters, stickers and lyric sheets to share to anyone who would like one (check out his socials). That’s what I call dedicated.

Both San Francisco tracks now released share that fresh, clean boppy feel that we love. On his spotify playlist, Iwan describes plenty of fresh bright influences from Zuzu, Bloxx, The Skinner Brothers to the fuller sounds of the likes of Sunset Sons, Red Rum Club and Night Cafe. What we have here with (not)sentimental is a quintessential indie sound, but while the lyrics are serious, musically it doesn’t take life too seriously. Fans of bouncing indie along the lines of Kooks/Catfish/Strokes will feel very comfortable in San Francisco’s company.

What really works for me in this track is the contrast between the lively music and the deliberate slightly low key delivery of the vocals. Iwan’s voice give a “that’s how it is” feel to the story in the song.

As the saying goes, you can see very little of this world but you can hear everything, and in not(sentimental) is a huge slice of life. The song is about those pleasant encounters you might have with someone; but you both kind of know that it’s going to be a light one night kind of thing. It’s about celebrating the enjoyment of the moment rather than overthinking it and then regretting it wasn’t more. One of those things that make you smile and smirk when you reflect back. Trust me, experiences like this keep you warm during dark evenings when you are much older.

Iwan is also part of 11am a band based back in his pre study town in North Wales. The band’s recent song Pretty in Green has a jaunty crisp banging sound, which might appeal to fans of early Arctic Monkeys and which show an ear and a talent for producing a banger. Be the complete San Francisco fanboy or fangirl by catching up with them too.

Chris R


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