Sylvette – Kelpius (Tom Chapman NoShadow remix)

To my mind, the best track remixes are those that create a totally new vibe while simultaneously drawing something different out that was hiding in plain sight all along.

Manchester’s Sylvette (along with Tom Chapman on the mixing desk) have released one of the best remixes I’ve heard this year with their new version of their haunting single Kelpius. Their latest born’s Sunday name is Kelpius (NoShadow remix).

Here I’m loving the hint of shiver cold clinical electronic landscape which gives an edgy feel, but at the same time this is a tune that totally bangs. Aural chocolate icecream.

The song Kelpius was inspired by a group of men (led by Johannes Kelpius) who retreated to the caves of Pennsylvania in the 1600’s to meditate, study botany and the stars and patiently await the end of the world in 1694.

Philippos Rousiamanis, the group’s keyboard player/violinist describes the remix of “Kelpius” as the industrial twin. “It takes the ritual depicted in the original Kelpius and places it in an old metal container where cyborgs dance themselves into a frenzy. The cyborgs however aren’t devoid of any warmth or passion as you’d think. They dance to keep warm”.

This fresh work from Tom Chapman (New Order, Bad Lieutenant, ShadowParty) has seen the Sylvette classic totally resembled, and it has definitely created something that enhances the original. Sylvette here provide a surprising vision of a religious cult with a smile and a hip wriggle. Sylvette are a thoughtful art rock band, and so the sense of dancey playfulness is bright and huge.

Chris R

* Images taken from the band’s social media.


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