Rivver: shiny new single Smile Back

Y’know I think Rivver are truly Wigan’s dark horses. I love so much of what is coming out of Wigan at the moment (I’m talking music, people, not the A577). Rivver’s third and final 2020 release Smile Back is one of those top bangers, building upon the goodwill created by their first two well respected releases Elena and Essence.

This time Smile Back offers a seriously chirpy end to the year. Smile Back is party distilled into a take home tune. Hey we can’t really do the real thing in any great form, so I’m personally seriously glad to grasp the party, as I’m totally exhausted by Netflix box binge watching.

The story in Smile Back is pretty much about meeting someone who seems interested in you, and thinking about that little flutter of nerves, before that massive adrenalin shock that they might truly be well into you, pumps in. The narrative in the song goes through that slight reticence before you power through from nerves, to pumping ego boo, to attractive confidence.

I love the simple beauty in the line ‘I’m just who I want to be, and you are just who I want to see”. It really captures the moment.

No wonder the song is called Smile Back Hahaha almost none of us have been to a dentist in 9 month so smile is about as far asany of us dare in this situation.

Rivver (Matt Barber, Vocals and Guitar, Danny Harrison, guitar and backing vocals, James Snow, Bass and Synth, and Tim Glynn, drums) deliver this tune faultlessly. There’s a real echo back to those massively jangling tunes from the 80’s and there’s solid tub thumping with a bucket beat, and deft and fast jingling guitars.

Rivver have said they were inspired by the Housemartin’s Happy Hour, but Smile Back has been completely brought into Rivver territory. Meanwhile the deep, expressive and confident tones of Matt’s vocals are so distinctive, and sound so good. It’s a real voice if you know what I mean.

Rivver and this track Smile Back well deserve to be better known and loved, so give yourself a treat and check these guys out.

Chris R

* Images taken from the band’s social media


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