Make sure you get into The Rooves Neighbourhood

If you ever need a relaxed tune to slide into your brain via your ears then Chesterfield’s finest, The Rooves latest track Neighbourhood is the total dream vibe.

I’ll be brutally honest in that I’m not always great with classy, but on my third listen to Neighbourhood something really clicked in (and no I’m not talking about that ‘something’ I bought off Danny from Snapchat in a weak moment a few weeks back). This tune Neighbourhood from The Rooves is an infinity pool; relaxing, cool and perfectly filled.

I apologise in advance to The Rooves because the sound on this track is smooth as silk, but I can really see Neighborhood being played by a group of young teens as loud as can be, on their tinny sounding phones, on the back of a bus. We all remember thinking we were Billy Big Bollox with our school shirts untucked, chewing gum in the most ostentatious way possible, striding to the back seats, while showing the crumblies at the front what real music is. The Rooves Neighbourhood is that good. I adore this sassy tune and y’know I also think it’s really rather timeless; I can also see this being played quite happily in 2050 too.

In Neighbourhood, there’s a really perfect sense of balance and flow, and the lead vocals of Charlotte Henry (and guest male vocals from the smooth Ayykuba) are just deliciously world weary and so jazz soaked. This year, I’ve fallen in love with the cool relaxed vibes of Easy Life and I can see fans of that laid back but stylish sound would also completely enjoy The Rooves. I know from their own intro, that The Rooves also see a parallel with Clairo, but I think The Rooves do themselves a disservice there; their own music is far more interesting and sparky to my old ears.

The backing music from Brandon Potgieter (Drums), Dan Haines (Guitar), Leyton Ramsdale (Guitar) and Ross Castledine (Bass) have a fresh maturity, show just how far this band has travelled, and adds the ‘extra’ part to the word extraordinary.

I needn’t labour just how sh1t 2020 has been in all areas outside music, and just when I was thinking all the bangers of 2020 had revealed themselves, along come The Rooves. Don’t miss this.

Chris R

* Images taken from the band’s social media feed


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