Blue Orchid Reaction: Escape To Plan (remix)

Leeds based Blue Orchid Reaction have hit the nail on the head with their latest released track Escape To Plan. The tune is a crisper and richer sounding remix of one of their tracks on last year’s well received raw and energetic EP 4 Chord Theory.

Escape To Plan is inspired by our failed series of politicians who seem to be more intent on serving themselves rather than trying to resolve the ills of the nation. It’s a paradox that those who desire to lead a country are by their ruthless ambition usually the exact people we should avoid electing to do it.

Back in the day as an anarchist squat living student teen, I would tend to sneer at songs which didn’t have a political or social message. As I’ve aged I have come to appreciate that even love songs may have a message worth listening to. However, I still preference songs with a message and with Escape To Plan, I approve of Blue Orchid Reaction’s challenge against our leaders, and “the fight for the rights of every man”. We should not give our leaders an easy ride and just give up on a broken system, as tempting as that may be.  

The opening to the Alex Archer fully electric remix version of Escape To Plan is epic; it rather sounds like the Doors meets the Chilli Peppers. There’s a lovely relaxed swirling West Coast vibe to the tune but it soon becomes mashed up with a much more dangerous bite. Hahaha after writing this line I revisited my review of Blue Orchid Reactions 4 Chord Theory EP. Guess what? I namecheck The Doors. Consistent or what; it’s gotta be true.

As you might expect with a song about politics, there’s an angry insistent force to the tune, and to the vocals which are strong and cutting. As the tune progresses towards its end, a heavy bit of bass and axe guitar seem to take a hold, and I know I’m fantasising about live music, but this is a real scuzzy mucky tune to listen to live.

I’m sure the band didn’t intend it this way, but the vocals of Paul Rice, together with that strong guitar vibe remind me a little bit of Motorhead’s Lemmy; there’s a classic rock/punkish vibe going on here. The band of course are named in homage to the White Stripes track Blue Orchid, and again there is that sense of raw blues influence from that band.  

If the heavy version wasn’t enough there’s also an acoustic version of Escape To Plan released at the same time. I can see why the band brought out this version, as unusually for an acoustic version, it stands up to scrutiny on its own right. It kind of draws out different aspects, in particular that rather delicate melody which also underpins the electric version, but without the “heavy”, holds its own here. It’s interesting how all three versions of the tune have very different feels to them.

Find out for yourself by checking out the tune below.

Chris R

* Images have been taken from the band’s social media.


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