Graysha: new single Aspirin

Imagine you are in beautiful fascinating Lisbon in Portugal; it was a delicious after hours the evening before, and you need to …ahem…. revive your spirits with a late afternoon cocktail. You find a cool bar where you can chat with your mates, giggle over the silliness of the 3am antics, and watch the sun majestically lower behind the 7 hills of the city.

The music is the cool, very self-assured slightly trip hop vibe of Greysha and her latest single Aspirin, the bar is the zen cool Lost In, in the Principe Real area of the city. When you get there, just try and ignore the elderly, rotund wanna be music reviewer and his beloved sitting in the absolute best seats spoiling your Instagram story image.

Despite the very laidback vibe of this classy single from Greysha, the lyrics have an important message. We can all get carried away when in the first hormonal flush of lust/love, and we can build up a fantasy image of what our partner is like (and be devastated when the reality doesn’t match up to the impossible standard).

In Aspirin, Greysha issues some very blunt advice; this is a song that asserts a woman’s independence where she doesn’t want to be shackled to someone’s idea of perfection or ownership, and if you get too wrapped up creating a fantasy image and control, you are curtains. It doesn’t matter how sexy blue your eyes might be, baby boy.

Greysha has just released a couple of singles on Spotify (and some live recordings too), and so there is plenty of time for this Shropshire based 18-year-old to continue to explore and define her sound. Greysha’s last track 2020’s Life Goes Fluently also shows a beautiful purity of vocals and that soulful quality, but it has more of a folkish bent than Aspirin.  

With Aspirin, Greysha plays this tune perfectly, there is a danger that the song could feel a little too cold or weird. However, while the lyrics are hard (“baby you are nothing to me, take an aspirin when I leave”) they are more real than heartless.

Likewise, there is a risk that Greysha could overplay the slightly spooky Gothic Addams Family tone of the tune, but fortunately there is no overblown Evanescence or Lene Lovich shock horror here. Instead, there are lyrics to encourage you to keep things cool and respect the independence of your lover, and a delivery that feels memorable and strong.

Pretty darn perfect this track actually. 

Chris R 

* Images taken from Greysha’s social media


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