Taxi With Strangers – Let Loose

There’s been a lot of buzz going on recently about Lancaster and Morcombe band Taxi With Strangers, and with their latest single, it’s well deserved – Let Loose is a complete blast.

With Let Loose, Taxi With Strangers sound like they have been regulars on the turntable for a few years. Let Loose feels like a comfortable and familiar glove that is just so easy to slip on.

Taxi With Strangers have early roots stretching back to 2016, and while there have been line-up changes, 2020 saw the band take huge steps with 3 well received singles. These days there is a tightness and comfort in the music that is only created by that time in each other’s company.

I dare not get too hopeful that we might all get chance to dance together in a sunlit field, or a dank, grubby hall somewhere this summer, but Taxi With Strangers help to continue to lift the mood and remind us of those sunny uplands to come.

Let Loose was inspired during that brief bit of last summer’s “eat out to spread it about” respite and has lyrics to remind us that we really need to run free every now and then. After all, even sourpuss ex Prime Minister Theresa May admits to trotting through a field of ripe corn in the sunshine in a strong and stable way every now and again.

There’s a delicious opening build up to Let Loose where you don’t initially know where it’s going, and then it’s a lush wild eyed indie bop.

The vocals of David Morton-Jones rather has a delicious Bowie tinge on this track, particularly at the start of the tune. Not that I ever heard Bowie quite do a tune like this; the closest might be an indie version of Dancing in the Street. Bowie meets Casablancas perhaps.

Hmm Bowie’s birthname was David Jones….I wonder….

Meanwhile there’s a reet rocking vibe going on behind David Morton-Jones, with some lovely jangling and yet crisp guitarwork. Fans of The Strokes, The Arctic Monkeys and The Night Café would certainly be interested in Taxi With Strangers, and their previous 2020 singles sound something like a hybrid of the three bands.

Let Loose is a let your hair down piece of exuberance; now who doesn’t need a bit of that in their lives?

Chris R


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