Tommyrot. New Single – Funky Feeling

Those tricky confounded York based funster Tommyrot. kids are up to delicious mischief again. This week new single Funky Feeling has been released to an unsuspecting public. Three singles in, I’m still trying to get a grip on what inspires this band, and I’ve only come to conclude that Tommyrot. have more sides than a rubik’s cube. The only thing I can come to is that if it’s fun and funky then Tommyrot. are all over it.

New single Funky Feeling has a deliciously rolling beat and that slightly chaotic happy feel we all need. An excursion into schoolboy French (it has to be if I can understand it), and a raid on recording your grandmother’s landline phone sound helps cement that slightly 1970’s funky, punky, druggy Daevid Allen Gong feel that I’m slightly reminded of. However, there is a more solid, grounded and harder edge to the band too; it’s not all about space funk here.

Those who kind of think that those experimental post punk bands with a jazz leaning (I’m kind of thinking Black Country, New Roads) are good but take themselves a little too seriously sometimes, might take a wry smile here. There’s a good hard edge to the vocals too which retain more than a hint of that punkish Idles/Nirvana type chaos.

Hahaha, I bet dear reader after reading this effort, you are none the wiser about Tommyrot. so I implore you to click on that spotify link to discover this band for yourself. What I seriously like about Tommyrot. is that there are few confines, few boundaries and it’s all about making fun quality music. Who can ask for more than that?

Chris R

* Images taken from the band’s social media.


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