Jellyfish in Space: The Joke Has Gone Too Far

Huddersfield based Jellyfish In Space have quickly tapped into the psyche of the thoughtful chilled kids (and their parents, cough). Jellyfish In Space (a musical project of Joshua Shannon and Joe Mitchell with help from Alistair Wain on drums and co-production) produced their last dreamy, understated sad song about inescapable loss, Helium Balloon, in August 2020. The track has captured almost 75,000 plays on Spotify so far, and it’s a totally well-deserved success.

The Joke Has Gone Too Far is the band’s third single and the vocals have the delicious calm and intensity of a Gregorian Chant. The song is about how sometimes we can cross a line with a good friend, and how it leaves you with regret and wondering whether those careless words may have damaged that friendship for ever. However, in The Joke Has Gone Too Far this is only part of the story. Although the music begins with the portent sound of storm clouds, the backdrop to the song quickly becomes overlaid with a more hopeful lush and dappled sun landscape.

I’m rather picturing that following a surprise painful punch to the gut at their next meeting, the friendship would have resumed. OK, perhaps this pair might just go for a coffee and a life reaffirming chat, although I’d personally argue that would be a less satisfying or immediate outcome.

I’ve said it before but an image of a floating meandering jellyfish in space fits the band perfectly. I can’t think of another band where their name might be more apt with that melodic effortless floaty sound, and almost shoe-gaze low key vocal. In terms of their place in the music world, to my mind Jellyfish in Space occupy a thoughtful and vital space with these deep-thinking melodic sounds. It is not usually world or national events which take up our thoughts for any meaningful time, it is about caring and thinking about those closest to us.

I’d accept a harsh out of turn word from these guys if the resultant apology and reflection was going to be so memorable and beautiful. Although it would be painful, imagine if a future Jellyfish in Space single contained the line “I’m really really sorry I told you it was a totally crap review”.  

Chris R

* Images are taken from the band’s social media sites


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