The Simones: Hello Atlantis

It was only when Holmfirth band The Simones highlighted the importance of the takeaway with their song Hello Atlantis, did I realise what a huge impact the palace for fast food has had upon our lives. Many a disappointed evening can be mitigated by some favourite comfort food and eating it tucked up safe at home. Alternatively, an action-packed night or weekend can be facilitated by a quick pitstop to fuel the engine. Let’s thank The Simones for introducing the equivalent of a nightly evening clap for the takeaway.

It has to be said Hello Atlantic is a modern folk song with a simple tune and quiet delivery so the minstrel can share his tale. The song weaves a great knowledge and affection for the whole takeaway experience, together with a sweet little sub-story. “it’s all that gets me up in the mornings, it’s all that keeps me sane in the evening time”.

I know the track has been a staple song for those in the know with The Simones for quite a while. I did see a lockdown podcast with lead vocalist Nathan Mabey last summer, where the comments that accompanied the live stream of this song was insane. Here Hello Atlantis has been given a very lush but crisp arrangement and production. Again, while it’s a quieter tune, the customary rocky heart of The Simones remains. The song certainly benefits from the lush backing vocals of Lauren Burrow, and I get a bit of a Beautiful South vibe in parts, and the pleasing strong guitar beats give it extra backbone. The song might have a touch of fun to it, but it’s no lightweight. The track also has another amazing image from the mind of the master of the image Louis Ashby.

The Simones’ Ned Johnson (guitar), Jack Marsden (Guitar), Josh Cooper (Drums), and Nathan Mabey (Bass and Vocals) takeaway of choice is the Atlantis in the centre of Holmfirth. I have waited at the Atlantis while a mate ordered a quick bite, but I regret to say I’ve never had the personal pleasure. It’s not only The Simones that rate the place; Just Eat gives it 5.51 from 6, and it has a 4/5 hygiene rating (dad check).

I could not resist asking the question that is no doubt burning on the lips of a nation. Does Nathan get extra chips? The band tell me that Nathan is an Atlantis regular and has told them about the immortalising of their institution. Unfortunately, Nathan is often there at the end of a long evening, so alas, he’s not too sure what their response is or indeed whether they give him extra free chips.   

Chris R

  • images taken from the band’s social media

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