Revivalry: Shame on You

It’s weekend, it’s springtime and what I really need is a banging tune to play loud; a track full of bounce and fresh spring green running through its branches. So, new single Shame on You from young Cleethorpes based band Revivalry scratches that itch perfectly.  

Shame on You has a lovely crisp delivery. There are no loose or spare notes on this pretty perfect 3 minutes of spiky punky pop. Musically I’m rather getting a hark back to the very uncluttered and pure new wave sound of someone like The Undertones (You’ve Got My Number perhaps) and overlaid are the crystal-clear flowing waters of Connie’s vocals. The pure and wholesome vocal blends perfectly with the honest and harder musical delivery and makes for something special. I hate comparisons, but I can see just a hint for an updated, Celtic free Cranberries or perhaps Garbage where the full-on vocals and strong beats vie equally for attention.

The band have an average age of just 14 and met at school. I do have to say I take my music seriously, so I cut absolutely no slack just for a tender age. Trust me when I say Revivalry stand on their own two feet; this band are going to be awesome.

Given that Revivalry are a band that have previously passed me by, I also enjoyed catching up with their past catalogue; previous tune Lost Bliss has a slightly looser feel to it, and I like the brave way the vocals and chopping musical backdrop pleasantly jar against each other, giving a heart of cutting granite to the sound. I’m not surprised this track is edging towards the mighty 10,000 Spotify plays.

I took the opportunity too, to ask the band (Connie, vocals, Ben, Guitar and Lewis on Drums) a few questions about how things are going.

I asked the band about how often they manage to get together. They told me:

We all live within a couple of miles from each other in the Cleethorpes area so it’s really easy to practice together and pre lockdown we got together 2-3 times a week. Between music and school there isn’t much time left Music is our life

The pandemic has obviously stopped us being together, so song writing was pretty hard, but it has given us time to grow our social media”.

It’s always interesting to catch up with a band’s Spotify playlist, as it gives a feel for what they are listening to and where they are going. Here. Revivalry have a real wide range of music, packed with absolute bangers, with bands like Shader, The Crooks, The K’s and Backspace.

I was interested to find out a little more about Shame on You as the song felt more polished, and fuller than their previous tracks, and I was interested in what they were going to be doing as lockdown eases. The band told me:  

We didn’t really have a clear vision for the song, we are still trying to find “our sound” really so we are still playing around with what works. There are more different styles to come”.

Straight after lockdown we will be practicing for gigs including (covid permitting) Kendal Calling this summer and a sold-out gig in Manchester with The Mariners and Moonlight Parade in September.

Chris R

* Images are from the band’s social media


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