L’Objectif – Drive in Mind

Young Leeds band L’objectif were one of my 2021 Ones to Watch tips for Halfway 2 Nowhere, and my excitement for these lads is only further heightened by the release of their wonderfully chopping and thrusting forward tune Drive in Mind. It is no surprise that the band have been snapped up by Chess Club Records (Alfie Templeman, Bloxx, Phoebe Green, Coach Party). Hahaha given the inevitable huge buzz for these guys, I’m sure they don’t really need my thoughts, but I’m diving in anyway.

Drive in Mind has a totally accessible post punk feel, and I absolutely adore the strong chopping beat, the different pace and phasing in the song and the detail, which really draws out their full and rich punkish beat. What could perhaps be something of an awkward complex mash elsewhere, just feels organic and natural in L’objectif’s hands. With Drive In Mind L’objectif show us a masterclass of strength in difference. The song has something of a mad concept too; a mind that is accessible like a drive-in movie. Imagine all those thoughts open for everyone to watch unfold. In my case, I suspect there would be punters after a refund.

One of the real tests of a new band is “could I listen to a whole album of it”. With L’Objectif you bet I could. While I don’t like to go for comparisons with such a fresh band, fans of Shame, the Lounge Society and The Murder Capital would find a lot to find comfort in with L’objectif.

The L’objectif guys are Saul Kane (vocals and guitar) and Louis Bullock (drums) who have been in a band together since they were 12. That really explains it; pre-teens who punk together totally bond together. Ezra Glennon (bass) and Dan Richardson (Guitar) also draw into the sound and make up the band.

Despite having a completely mad diary of rescheduled dates, holidays and hotel stays for 2021 proper, I cannot resist the prospect of seeing L’objectif at their socially isolated gig at Leeds Wardrobe on 27 May. Tickets are strictly limited, and I don’t mind helping to spread the details now my tickets are safely in the in-box. I strongly suspect that in times to come, this will be one of those gigs where thousands will claim to have attended, so don’t miss this one.

Chris R

* Images taken from the band’s social media


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