The Banshees new single Better Place

There are bands who produce a classic series of singles, and then there are bands like Liverpool’s The Banshees who are currently in the middle of a delicious purple patch. Their latest release Better Place just held my ears captive from about 30 seconds in. As I write, I should be going to bed, but instead I have their new track on repeat. Bast@rds, nice bast@rds.

You want complex, tick

You want lively, tick

Rich indie heritage? tick

Thought provoking lyrics, tick

You need weary hard vocals, tick

Better Place is total quality in spades

I love the slightly mad but tightly controlled guitar, which harks back to a classic underground heritage. This is towards “post punk” hard and it’s purity. The Banshees reference 80’s Frank Zappa and Elvis Costello as influences for this tune, and I get that complexity, focus and intensity.

When I think about the vocals and the overall song, I’m reminded somewhat of a little-known band The Blue Orchids, who had former Fall members amongst their number. There’s also something in the song that Strokes fans would adore – there’s something of the weary world wise soul amongst the burning flames of the beats. Weary and wise, but there’s also something fresh and optimistic with that raw hard chopping behind those lyrics and vocals.  

The song is about really getting to know yourself inside out, and from there you can work out how you might want to change. The lyric “There’s a better place for me somewhere, and all I know is that it isn’t here” really sets out those seeds of change and it’s a real tune about getting comfortable in your own skin. Hahaha, from experience, I guess as we age and get baggier, there’s at least plenty of space in there.

The Banshees (Vinny Pereira and Paul Anthony Holligan) have a shed load of experience between them and came together as a band in late 2018, and the tunes just keep on getting better.  If you have missed The Banshees so far, it is time to come aboard.  

Chris R

* images have been taken from the band’s social media


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