Oceans On Mars – Mousetrap

Manchester based Oceans On Mars new single Mousetrap once again nicely straddles that space between grunge alternative and more classic rock. This is a track that perfectly cements in the sounds the band has made since frontman Hayden Biddle joined the band. Every band has their own unique sound, but those into the likes of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Nirvana would find something to float their boat on in Oceans on Mars. Sorry, too late for a dad pun warning notice – I was straight on it.

There’s a lust strong opener to this track, Mousetrap, and then Hayden Biddle enters the fray with his strong and distinctive slightly raspy vocals before taking the song to a top rock notch. As I always say in an Oceans On Mars review, there’s a distinct Eddie Vedder baritone vibe to the vocals here, and it mixes beautifully with the gentle guitar chords in the quieter parts on this tune. There’s a sweet, sweet out of mind swirl to close this beauty.

I love the pace on Mousetrap, Oceans On Mars might well have pondered that an out and out hard and fast rocker might be the way to take it, but they here they tease and take their time with a few reflective moments. So instead, Mousetrap has stretches of fast road where the tune goes full throttle, but also quieter reflective parts which go down a gear. I always think the best bands feel like they are gliding effortlessly and could play their songs for hours and hours. This is the vibe I’m getting here.   

If you thought Oceans on Mars take themselves remotely seriously, just take a look at the video clips to the song, where 5 grown men dress up in onesies and run amok in mice outfits and make up. The band (Hayden Biddle (vocals), Angus Scott (Lead Guitar), James Oldham (rhythm guitar) Alex Fairhurst (bass) and Greg Wilkes (drums) tell me they are particularly proud of this release; deservedly so, Mousetrap is another huge step up for Oceans On Mars.  

Chris R

* images taken from the band’s social media


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