Flechettes – Ink and Gold

Those Wigan lads Flechettes scrub up so well. This weekend saw the release of their lead track of their forthcoming first EP Ink and Gold (due to be released on 4 June) and it sees the band on magnificent form. Flechettes formed just in 2019 and they already have a catalogue of bangers and reflective ballads under their belt. It often seems the way, but there are hotspots in music at various times. At the moment none is hotter than Wigan, with the likes of Lathums, Garden Party, Rivver and Flechettes all having a connection to the town.

Ink and Gold rather reminds me of one of those old Irish protest folk songs in its structure; there’s a strong space for a rolling narrative within the lyrics of the song. The band have no hesistancy using that space to fill our heads with a flowing story of a captivating and dangerous woman “someone warn the devil, he’s come to meet his match”. There’s a strong vivid descriptive prose which makes these guys true songsmiths.

I’ve said it before, but Jack Heaton’s voice reminds me of Julian Cope; clear, warm and distinctive. It’s the kind of vocal that help Flechettes develop a distinctive edge. Behind Jack, the rest of the band (Johnny Raper, Nicholas Kitts and William Raper) have a tight, crisp indie sound. Fans of the likes of Courteeners, close friends Garden Party, and those bands with a strong and clear indie identity would be comfortable with the Flechettes for company. This EP was produced by Gareth Nuttall back in the spring, where Johnny’s deft guitar work was particularly spotlighted by Gareth’s social pages.  Given the sheer diversity and talent of Flechettes, I eagerly await the EP.

Although the band like everyone else have not been able to gig during this period of stasis and nothingness, Jack did smash a number of live sessions via social media, which made new friends. So even though there’s still a bit of time to go beforehand, the thought of a full live Flechettes gig is something to get excited about. There’s Manchester’s Off The Square on 2nd October, Liverpool’s EBGB’s on October 8th, and Leeds Lending Room on October 9th. Book a ticket or be left behind wistfully looking through the window from outside.

Chris R  

* Images taken from the band’s social media 


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