Red Shakes: Nothing in the Morning EP

Regular readers (hahaha I flatter myself) will know I have something of a soft spot for the music of Bradford’s Red Shakes (Sam Da Silva). I think it’s the bright and buzzy tracks Red Shakes has released during those dark 15 months past, which have breathed a bit of real life into the 4 walls I’ve been consistently holed into.

So, now it’s the time for most of those Red Shake tracks to be given a refresh remaster (a red shakeup in fact), and a couple of new tunes added to create the first Red Shakes EP Nothing In The Morning. Before I dive in on the individual tracks, it’s worth reflecting hearing the full set in one collection is such a strong bop and image. No one is going to get out of the end of this EP without a big grin on their chops.

First, I zoom on over to the new tracks in the pack; New Year is a reflective soulful tune about a remorseful soul who realises his loved one knows what he got up on New Year’s Eve. Here the lyrics to my mind’s eye relate to a beginning of a relationship that has died really before it took off, and there’s a remorseful regret here. I really probably shouldn’t share that I first met my long term beloved on the night I had a one night’s stand with her sister’s best friend, so the tale relayed here isn’t my personal experience. This is Red Shakes showing a quieter more reflective side, it has something which reminds me of a comfortable sweater, and I can see it as an end of year vibe.

Title track Nothing in The Morning is a lovely Red Shakes hedonistic bop, it’s about that living for the moment sweet spot on a night out, where everyone is dancing, partying, our troubles are forgotten and who cares about what we are going to feel like tomorrow? There’s a nice light production on this track which truly suits the subject matter. If there is justice in the world, I can see Nothing in the Morning really taking off for Sam. Just one of those classy, catchy singalong vibes.

And just because they have been released before, don’t miss the other tracks on the EP. Nothing in the Morning is crop full of total 100% bangers. I hardly dare put Your Love Today on as I know I’ll be humming that circular catchy tune for the next 3 days. Get those “do do doo doo’s” out of your chest and sing along, you will feel so much more alive for it. There’s an almost Bradford 60’s guitar rock style to this tune but brought screaming up to date.

My favourite crop of the refreshed bunch is Believe It. I love the vocal on this track with the slight catch in Sam’s voice, and guitars that are as strong as stone. There’s something of a Bolan pure rock and roll boogie to this beat. Total Red Shakes power in under 4 minutes, and a perfect example of the EP overall.

Anyone wanting a bit of live Red Shakes can see Sam and the band at Eiger Studios in Leeds on July 10th with Devilshead, Near Mrs and San Francisco. The Red Shakes EP launch gig is unsurprisingly sold out.

Chris R

* Images have been taken from Red Shakes promo material or his social media


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