San Francisco – Underwater

It takes a few record releases to start to get the measure of an act. With the fourth San Francisco single Underwater, I’m really getting a feel for the melody and vibes within that San Francisco Leeds based man Iwan Grant. There’s a sensitive indie-rock meister here.

I really appreciate the stream of thought and consciousness within the tracks that San Francisco produces. This is a song about how you want to start a serious relationship with someone who is a friend, and how those emotions are bottled up under the surface. Do you go for gold or risk the friendship you have?

Shakespeare wrote about it and didn’t puzzle through a convincing answer, and although San Francisco starts his song to explain he is no wordsmith, I’d argue he has the truth of the contradiction pretty spot on. Shakespeare took a couple of Acts, nippy San Francisco describes the pain and confusion of love in a cool 3:45.

Here, musically, Underwater is more rocking and strident and than the predecessors and San Francisco sensibly recommends the track is played loud. All the better to appreciate those strident, edgy slightly anxious beats.

I also enjoy the way Iwan’s vocals implore and draw you into his story. It feels like 2am on a bench in the city centre while he pours out to a mate what has been troubling him.

I’ve regretted missing San Francisco live (had tickets and everything), so I’ll be watching and waiting for the next time.

Chris R

* images have been taken from the artists social media.


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