Chris Pidsley: Daises EP

I’m sure I’m not alone but following these long months of stasis, the frenetic activity of the now, as artists release new music and do live shows is almost stupefying. While there are not enough hours to give all the new material the justice it deserves, some time must be made Daisy time.

London based solo artist Chris Pidsley and the vibes of his debut EP Daisies is well worth a pit stop. There’s 5 vibrant lush variety of Daisy on offer here.

Just take the late night cool vibes of Tie Dye T Shirt as an example. This track has an almost Easy Life strut to it. As Pidsley says in the song: “you can wear your t-shirt back to front and inside out but you still look good somehow”.

Tie Dye T Shirt is a song with swagger, and is about those little details you notice when you adore someone, be it that look, the way they move, or the things they say. I’m a suckered for observational lyrics, and this song is perfect.

Title track Daises, has something of a folkish summers feel, when it’s late but still light. I think fans of the likes of Cavetown and Bon Iver would approve, and a golden thread rolling back the years to Simon and Garfunkel can be felt. Again, there’s a lovely piece of observation in the lyrics of this tune. I hope you wear my jumper I lent to you last summer because it smells of the things I like. I’m sure we can all relate to the cosy images of being with someone close.

While the whole EP has that nice mix of songs that are both complimentary but also each with a bit of a difference to keep it all fresh, I’ll focus a moment upon the uptempo and fresh track Skinny. Here Pidsley has a serious side where body image, and perhaps how there is a too strong a focus on looks and shape as against having a perfect personality fit.

Chris Pidsley is really becoming an artist to watch; an artist with a strong observational voice, a pleasing variety and a complexity to puzzle through.

Everyone needs to make some daisy time.

Chris R

* images are taken from Chris Pidsley’s social media pages


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