Everything After Midnight – Embark on the Wood

One of the unlikely survivors of the internet age is the thrill and satisfaction in reading a good book. I much prefer the written word, and my imagination of the story within is always much better than the film or the TV series. That’s not because I have a particularly vivid imagination (although I think I probably do), but because it looks in my mind just how I want it to be.

I think Steph from York based band Everything After Mindnight perhaps holds a similar view, given the band’s latest single Embark on the Wood is based upon Steph’s image of Sally Rooney’s excellent book Normal People.  Here Steph decides to imagine Marianne’s life with Connell. The Wood within the title refers to a line in a book which describes Marianne’s eyes as a wood, because she is reserved and placid. Of course, as Marianne’s relationship with Connell develops, like most “normal people”, there’s trials, good times and lots of good sex involved.  

Photo by Louis Ashby

Musically, the track continues Everything After Midnight’s own journey into a richer, more developed and mature sound. Since the band formed in 2019 there has been a steady journey, and I can honestly say EAM just get better with each successive release.

photo by Louis Ashby

Here with Embark on the Wood, there’s a totally strong, confident and banging tune in the backdrop. It echoes life as there’s plenty of soaring parts and those more reflective passages too. Meanwhile Steph’s vocals are urging to share its story. It feels a little like a friend just desperate to tell you what’s really being going on after a long time of not seeing them to really speak. I really like that sense of urgency in the song, as it slashes a direct path through the life patterns within the music.

photo by Luke Snell

Overall fans of the likes of Wolf Alice and YONAKA would find much in Everything After Midnight to enjoy. This is a band really building up an impressive body of work. Next up live for the band is a gig on the 28 October supporting another band full of intrigue (and excellent live) Do Nothing at York’s Victoria Vaults. Be like Marianne and Connell do something and grab a ticket.

Chris R

* Images have been take from the band’s social media


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