Walking Contradiction: new single Weird

Don’t you hate those early morning doubts gnawing at your core in the dead of night?

Why don’t I think and react like everyone else? How could anyone love me?  This is kind of the small hour, panic in the dark, grip the side of the bed for your life type of thoughts that Walking Contradiction explore with their new single Weird. Perhaps even more striking in the song is how these feelings can really make us withdraw totally. A spiral of self prophesy perhaps. I’m not gonna lie, even at my advanced age, I mentally beat myself up black and blue too regularly, it can pretty totally debilitiate, and I relate totally.

Walking Contradiction is the stage name of Louie Kaye and after the release of the first EP Beautiful Chaos which provided a strong statement of intent in the world of indie (Platypus from the ep is, I think, a beautiful creation and which also explores raw emotion).  Louie has now returned with this fresh and strong track Weird.

Weird is kind of what I might describe as a very British version of American punk. I get shades of Green Day (and of course the very name of this project Walking Contradiction is also a mega Green Day track), and the intense emotions of Cobain and Nirvana. If Kurt Cobain was born in the Pennines rather than Aberdeen, Washington State, it would be a bit like Weird.

Production on this track is so crisp you could spread hot butter on it and eat it. It’s just honest production and mixing, it feels clean and fresh and it’s perfect for a truthful heartfelt song like Weird. Gus Turner at Gafro Studios is building up production on a tight instinctive body of songs. Here Louie also has support from Liam Wilson who bangs the skins.

I totally admire every track I review (I try not to be about bad vibes) but I do have favourites. Never met the guy, but Louis is someone who has a real spark in my view. This feels like the early days of something bigger to me. Don’t let this track pass you by.

Chris R


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