The Avelles – Caught

What a time to be into indie music eh? There’s so much great stuff around, and the number of fresh new bands and artists around is truly dizzying. So it takes quite something to be in a big crowd but make your first released tune really stand out. Leeds based The Avelles do it in style as their first single Caught is one of those catchy ear worms that just makes you want to have more.      

Caught is a tune with a relaxed and sassy bit of guitar work and a vocal that is just that bit different enough to stick to your ear drum hairs like a Velcro strip. It has one of those distinctive voices you can pick out of a tune, and there’s a pleasing rich tone and a postive confidence to the vocal on this track, but it’s also one that picks up the beat and pace when it needs to as well.

The Avelles are made up of Joe Priestley (Vocals and Rhythm), Charlie Miller (Vocals, rhythm but lead for “Caught “) Ethan Shaw (Keyboard and lead guitar), Patrick Doherty (Drums) and Will Priestley (Bass).

The guys all went to the same high school in Menston and Joe and Ethan are still in the upper sixth.

I suspect these lads are going to make a big mark on the local Yorkshire scene in 2022, so I did take the chance to ask the band to tell us a bit about themselves.  One thing I didn’t ask was the origin of the band’s name; urban dictionary tells a tale on that one (in my day we learnt the Inuit had 50 words to describe snow (and the Scottish have over 400) but I guess the focus has changed, hahaha). Whether the urban dictionary has caught the inspiration will remain a mystery for now.  I’ll let you look it up, I’m too shy to say.

Joe told me: “The band originally started during the first lockdown where we would send each other clips and create ‘Lockdown’ covers. From that Patrick got in touch about playing drums for us so we decided to form a band”.

The inspiration for Caught actually began at work. I was talking to a customer and they said they’d been taught not to care what people say when they’d had a bad day, so I quickly scribbled it down on the back of a receipt. The rest of the song evolved from their really.

We chose the eagle for the artwork as we think it symbolises the same freedom and power that the chorus conveys”.

I know the lads played a well-received set at Leeds Eiger recently, and if you want a buzzing night of young talent, they have another gig playing support to Pretty Mafia and Darlings on 10th December at the same venue (which I’m sadly gonna miss). Go to their socials for ticket details.

Chris R

* images have been taken from the band’s social media

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