El Rey HQ – Holy Water

Yey it’s party season and El Rey HQ is definitely on it with his new tune Holy Water. There’s something of the novelty and fun in this tune, and fans of the likes of Red Rum Club and The Vaccines would completely get this vibe.

Manchester based El Rey (Hugh) has recently relaunched his music career (previously having been King Kartel) and since his debut single Sunshine Honey Blow he has been around and about doing solo shows and performing with Trampolene’s Jack Jones.

Evolving from King Kartel, El Rey HQ is the only ‘new variant’ I wanna hear about at the moment. Sunshine Honey Blow is a magnificent tune guaranteed to put the b in bounce and Holy Water continues that energetic vibe with a magnetic and rootsy Irish Rock n Roll kick to it.

”Just one more drink and I’ll be sober” is the main line, and of course in this party season, that could be taken on face value. My thought on the song is that it may refer to trying to face the closure of a relationship and the mad frenetic music reflects that mix of emotion as that dawns on you.

I’ve been playing the track to the harshest music critic I know (my beloved) and she confirmed she would break off some precious sleep time (once a nurse, always a….) to check out El Rey live at some point. There’s a well deserved buzz around El Rey HQ and there’s always a good time around the man. He’s not called the king for nowt you know, so catch him live when you can.

Chris R

* images have been taken from the artist’s social media


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