Jonny Ash – new single Disco

Need your indie to have a raw beating rock heart but with an energy with an intensity to melt any mosh pit floor? Look no further than Jonny Ash.

The band hail from Wrexham, that Welsh/ English border town where locals skirmished and agitated in uprisings for generations. That stand no-nonsense genetic pedigree seeps through the tap water and might just explain the punching spirit that lies within Jonny Ash.

The band are made up of Callum Gaughran (frontman), his brother Dan on bass, and Peter Roberts, lead guitarist and Mick Jones on drums. There is a touch of that Gallagher brother spike of energy and nuclear fusion in the dynamic of this track, Disco, together with a classic blend of hard rock and indie. Echoes of bands like Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Kasabian, Thin Lizzy and Dirty Laces come to mind here.

The beats per minute on this track cleverly correspond with the classic disco song, and it brings a breathless but familiar dancing quality to this tune. No wonder the band tell me that Disco is a regular live gig closer track to bring live proceedings to a banging, happy end. From the start and its beaty frantic opening bars, Disco spits out an intent to show a good time.

Jonny Ash are definitely a band to catch live and mehearties they have quite a few gigs lined up including a local slot at Hill Street Social on 18 Feb, another homecoming parade at Wrexham Parish with In Your Ears on February 26th, and a very tasty line up gig at Liverpool Jimmy’s on 26 March with Rosellas, Dock City and The Merchants.

Chris R

* images taken from the band’s social media

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