The Dots: You’re The One

Huddersfield’s The Dots strip it back to sweaty, honest and dirty blues for their debut single You’re The One. If the Arctic Monkeys were inspired by Iggy and the Stooges I Wanna Be Your Dog and then overlaid it with some rowdy but sweetly complex guitar lines, then it might sound a bit like The Dots and You’re The One. Gutsy. Rootsy and honest, The Dots are just how I like my mates to be and You’re The One is what a three minute banger is meant to sound like.

The second released track (a virtual b-side if you will), Could I Bear has an almost reggae beat to it, but a nice running narrative through the song, and of course that trademark hard guitars. I will admit to being very out of it at the gig, but Could I Bear was a track that stuck in my addled memory.

d.h.a photography

Throughout both released tracks there’s a total rock confidence within The Dots. I do appreciate those bands who offer the musical equivalent of knocking on your door, the reticence of some acts is like expecting you to keep on looking out of the window, just in case there is someone there. Could I Bear in particular has a solid strident feel to it, and it’s a real story told around a bar table.

tiggerligger’s own photo.

I’m a bit upset to discover I’m not going to be around for The Dots next musical outing at the Venn Street Social in Huddersfield (the Old Parish building) on 11th February 2022. Not only will there be Dots, but there are also a lively band who excel live, Hazel Dormouse, and then there’s the excellent Tom A Smith. If that’s not enough those garage band meisters The C33’s are headlining. Wrap up warm for the band, and marvel at the talent.

Chris R

* images taken from the band’s social media


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