Walking Contradiction – Palm Trees

Huddersfield based Walking Contradiction (aka Louie Kaye) is building up a whole series of clean and clever tracks to his Spotify profile. The latest track Palm Trees is another banger; a track with imagination, with a great beat, and just enough quirk to make it interesting.

Walking Contradiction is, of course, also the name of a famed Green Day track, and within Walking Contradiction’s music there is that ear for USA bouncy power new wave that has done Green Day so well. However, I do have to say within Palm Trees I can perhaps hear more of a Nirvana style heavy riff in the guitar, and a vocal delivery which veers from clever rap hard to crooning slow.

The song seems to tell a tale of drinking too much coffee, having a mad disturbed sleep and dream, and perhaps having one of those out of control times where things feel out of control. There is definitely an edgy feel to this track, and those different paces in the vocals particularly add to that chaotic style. When it comes to the chorus, I think I can get into it “Too much Coffee lalalaaaaadaaaadeeeedaaaa“.

Palm Trees comes hot on the heels of another recently released 2022 track, the sublime Underground. This is a track I can imagine being a track on a Ricky Gervais series. It’s just one of those nicely accessible, rolling songs, one of those that sounds deceptively easy but actually contains a lot of thought and structure within. The two 2022 tracks give a good feel for the diversity within Walking Contradiction; it’s not just a tribute name, not just an artist name, but a statement of fact.

The progress of the tracks in Walking Contradiction both show a strong growth and development in the music, and also an instinct for very listenable sharp punky pop. Both tracks were recorded at the lovely Gafro Studios and benefit from the expert crisp production of Gus Turner.

Chris R

* images have been taken from Walking Contradiction’s social media profiles


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