Paid By Cash – Sirens In The Sea

Sometimes subtle has the biggest of impacts. I’m immediately thinking of Leeds/Skipton based band Paid By Cash and their debut single Sirens In The Sea. Understated, melodic and proudly indie, Sirens in the Sea is a gentle tune with a big heart which packs a huge punch. Ha on release day yesterday, I played Sirens In The Sea back to back 4 times early while I was cranking and fitting my head into another routine day at work, and I got a Paid By Cash chorus line reverb in my head during choice times all day. I call that a result.

There’s a lot of influences and echoes of the past in this packed four and a half minutes. The initial guitar hook kind of reminds a bit of pre-Beatles music which gives the song a comfortable feel, then there’s a hippy trippy bit, and then I kind of feel that Morrissey might smile at some of the vocal feel (indulge me, I know that this uncharming man never smiles). Then there’s a delicious garage swirl and edge, which feels like the ghosts of Television are guiding the sound. There aren’t too many songs which feel both tight and loose and a blend of safe and edgy all at the same time. It’s like looking at the rip tides in the sea on a sunny day.

This is the point in a review where I usually like to ask the band for some clues on the theme of the song, but occasionally I like to give songwriters a laugh with my pathetic interpretations. For me, the lyrics feel to be about how being scared of failure can stifle and cripple you from trying anything new. As Paid By Cash amply demonstrate here with this delicious track, fortune favours the brave.

The band (vocal/guitar Ollie Carter, guitar Harry Bolton, Jimmi Brown on bass and Sam Green on drums) released a demo EP last year (before Jimmi joined). The songs on this cellar (not garage) EP have a bit more of a Lou Reed/Joy Division/Sonic Youth feel, so it’s interesting to see how those solid roots have developed out into a wider landscape. Don’t forget Sirens in the Sea is Paid By Cash’s debut single proper – we should be excited for the journey this young band is going to take us on.

I would love to go and see Paid By Cash live at their single launch party at the wonderful Santiago Bar in Leeds on 8 April. I’m double booked, so do me a favour, go and see them and tell me about it, eh?

Chris R

* images taken from the band’s social media


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