The Avelles – Hacienda

Continuing on in the crisp, clean and clever vein, Leeds band The Avelles have followed up their first single Caught, with a very classy new tune Hacienda.

Forgetting the legend nightclub in Manchester, a Hacienda was of course originally an oasis of calm, shade, living and safety in the Spanish Empire. With that nice rolling guitar in the background, I’m already kind of getting an hot summer afternoon feel of hanging and chilling around a shady courtyard. The Avelles (Charlie Miller, Ethan Shaw, Joseph Priestly, Patrick Doherty and William Priestly) have a real ear for a catchy, addictive riff line and the tools for conjuring up a real mood. Ironically, real life has got in the way of my producing a review for this track sooner, and I really appreciated the vibe that this track gives the feeling of reflection and a pause for breath.

Once again, the steady and wise hand of Gus Turner at Gafro Studios assists; there’s a very crisp and confident sound. Likewise, I appreciate the strong, assured vocals on this track. Youthful and confident is a winning ticket. Its truly hard to realise The Avelles are so early on in their musical career; this sounds so solid and established. This Hacienda is no mirage in the sand.

When I considered the lads first single I did a bit of speculation on the origin of the band’s name. Ignore the lies on Urban Dictionary is all I’m sayin’. Joseph from the band confirms their name is spoken as Av-ells rather than Av-el-lees as it might be (eh, let’s not be having a lathums/laithums debate) and was inspired by an Italian town Avellino.

Chris R

* images have been taken from the band’s social media.


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