Flechettes – Carry Your Matches

Wigan’s Flechettes return with a tune, Carry Your Matches, which blends their familiar solid banging indie sound with a new bright twist. I will be honest that I need to give the track some more hammering, but I’m kind of thinking I like this song from the guys the most.

I always love thinking about pivotal moments in an artists progression, and I think Flechettes have one here. Carry Your Matches feels more assured, polished and confident. I also like the slightly Eastern twist in the tune, which helps steer the Flechettes sound into new waters.

Haha, I always say I get a vibe for Julian Cope/ Teardrop Explodes in Flechettes music, and so it again proves here too. No sweat, I adore the Explodes and that mad dude Cope. There’s that instinct for quality solid bouncy indie pop here, but scratch the surface and there’s passion and emotion too.

But of course Flechettes are not stuck in a late 70’s timewarp, and there’s a crunchy crisp 2020’s feel too. Plenty tasty to chew. Fans of the likes of Lathums would be seriously happy with Flechettes too.

Here in the lyric and vocal of Carry Your Matches is a burst of frustration and upset which brings out the emotion in the song. My interpretation of the lyrics is that our protagonist feels disillusioned and upset in a relationship and the other party hasn’t even really noticed. There’s a volcano about to errupt.

I know Flechettes signed to LA / Manchester label Sound x3 and Lemon Sun Records around 6 months ago and there seems to a new buzz and push around these lads. I’m looking forward to seeing where their journey takes them next.

Chris R

* first two images taken from the band’s social media, the live photos are mine.


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