Jonny Ash – Rosies

North Welsh guys Jonny Ash certainly punch it hard and heavy with their muscular new single Rosies. It’s one of those tracks where you had best wear a gum shield just in case. Jonny Ash are the brothers Gaughran (Callum – vocals and Dan on bass), and then Peter Roberts on lead guitar and Mike Jones on drums.

Rosies almost feels like a mash up of the sound of prime Manchester with a double helping of heavy rock guitar. The track is daring as it takes that Hendrix guitar axe hero style to the max, but somehow magically without it overshadowing what is actually quite a delicate vocal.

The lyrics of the song relay an intense story of a bad time in Rosies nightclub, with its legend strap-line “I’m not going to Rosies again“. I enjoy that contrast and counterbalances in the song, the hurt and retreat in the vocals and lyrics, and the aggressive power in the guitar work.

Rosies is daring because there’s nothing for the band to hide behind; it’s a strong statement of intent. There’s no hesitancy or diking around with this track. It’s the equivalent of offering someone a coffee; if you don’t like it strong and black then tough, that’s what there is.

Amazingly I’m yet to catch Jonny Ash live what with the lurgy thing, and that their and my gig range being rather at odds, but I’ve heard great things about these guys on stage. Go to Liverpool’s EBGB’s on 21 June when Jonny Ash are the headline and let me know.

Chris R

* images taken from Jonny Ash’s socials


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