Diime: Slipping Away

Bradford 4 piece Diime have produced a quality and thoughtful single with their September 2022 release Slipping Away. This almost reflective ballad style Slipping Away provides a cosmic burst of melody, and I enjoy the contrast between its sharp fresh delivery on the tune, the strong guitar and percussion and then the little hippy trippy moment later in the song where the song gains a slight echo sequence. I know it’s not a new technique, but here it works really well and shows how sharp and immediate Diime are.

That sharp tight production reminds me once again that the master Gus at Gafro Studios has had a hand in this recording.

Will Bolton, guitar and vocals (formally guitarist in Gauranga/Full Colour), Jack Stephenson (guitar and vocals), Alex Crow, bass (formerly from the Indigo Project), and Lauren Rodger (drums) make up this sharp new quartet. Will handles the vocals on Slipping Away (missed a trick guys: Sliipping Away would work).

The song itself covers that realisation that a relationship is coming to its natural end, but perhaps you aren’t quite ready to make that break without seeing if the fire can be rekindled.

I also admired the fresh edge to Diime’s debut single Jack Frost released earlier in the year (it is currently off streaming services, but I’m reassured by the band it will be back shortly).

Diime – not just p1ssing in the wind!

Diime cite Catfish, JAWS and Sam Fender as influences, and I think there is a distinct fire in the belly of Diime. As much as I like(d) Catfish, I would argue that Diime are much fresher and creative than those Catfish boys ever were, but there is certainly that solid indie credential in the music and Catfish fans can dry their tears on Diime’s music and style.

From the showing of the first two singles, there’s definitely a taste and instinct for quality. I’m gonna keep on listening to these guys. Well worth the check out.

Chris R


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