The Vectors – Locked and Loaded

Young Liverpool based band The Vectors shot out of the blocks with their debut single Chip Off Your Shoulder earlier this year. This track is absolutely power packed with spiky punky riffs and a no holds barred lyric about a wrong un who will probably only cause hurt in the end. In this track, there’s echoes rolling back to the likes of Catfish and the Arctics, to my mind it feels much deeper than Catfish musically and lyrically, but fans of these bands would find a lot to like here.

There are some interesting structures and chops and changes in the rhythm of The Vectors second single Locked and Loaded, and it’s a song that isn’t afraid to stand up and look a bit different.

The Vectors (guitarists George Gales, Ethan Goddard, vocalist and bassist Zach Eccleston and drummer Oli Duckworth) are definitely looking to carve their own identify into the tree of music, and in Locked and Loaded I’m liking the meshing of pure early punk, a bit of pure rock royal class and then more recent influences.

Zach’s vocals have a strident, edgy sound, and I can imagine a distinctive voice like that could happily carry a gig. Zach has a great expression and something of a Johnny Rotten energy on this song.

Behind Zach there’s some guitar gymnastics with a solo straight from one of those 80’s rock heroes. This is a band that pack a lot into their three and a half minutes; deceptively simple but with something new that reaches out at you each play. A little tune worth getting to know.

The Vectors are playing at the wonderful Jac in Liverpool on 24 September with support Dirty Blonde and The Matriarchy. Make sure you are on the right side of history and music and keep our scene alive if you can. Go and see the band’s socials for more details and tickets.


*images have been taken from the band’s social media


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