The only thing that can be said about BACKSPACE after listening to their new single Hold, is that it’s been far too long since we have heard from you. The young Leeds band have been pretty much been on a Covid hiatus, but with a bit of a revised line up, Rosie and the band are back with a killer track.

With new song Hold I get a pretty perfect blend of atmosphere and attitude. A band who cite the magnificent lo fi originals Young Marble Giants as an influence, have to be worth a listen, no? So if you like your music fresh, upbeat and nicely choppy then Hold is your bag.

This track brings a new clarity to the BACKSPACE sound; still guitar strong with the sweetest riffs, clever little bass line and a nice beaty pace. Ha ha, with that frantic later feature of fast guitars, there’s even a hint of Mumford and Sons or a Leeds style Deliverance.

Rosie’s vocals on this track are sublime; this is a cool as fuk vocal – it flows at the right pace and is beat perfect. Rosie’s vocal tone is sweet and full; definitely one of those voices that could hold a whole album and still keep it fresh.

Hold is about the hold of a young relationship and then escaping it. I’m excited for the future on this showing.

Once again Gus at Gafro Studios has produced something clean and clever – I’ve not yet found a recording from Gafro that hasn’t been top notch and current. Drawing out Rosie’s sweet side with the harder edge of the music and keeping it all in balance is a clever game.

Which brings it back to BACKSPACE. After, what perhaps 50 years of indie, it can be easy to produce something very average. However, BACKSPACE (Miles Addie (Bass) Rosie Weston (Vocals) Alex Turner (Drums) Izzy Turner (Rhythm Guitar) Harry Adams (Lead Guitar)) makes it feel fresh with Hold, hard even, but boppy and incredibly cool.

BACKSPACE have their next gig at Otley Social Club on 7th October, but if I had any confidence in the transpennine so called express, I’d be snagging a ticket for the band’s support slot to the magnificent Bayboards on 20th October at one of my favourite Leeds venues Oporto.


* images have been taken from the band’s social media


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