Jonny Ash – This Town

We are so often stupidly emotional beings, eh? Never more so when it comes to the concept of home. Jonny Ash once again burst open a nose with their new single This Town. The new (October 22) song is about the attachment Jonny Ash have for their hometown of Wrexham. The theme of this tight tune is that maybe there are warts and problems in our home place, but they are OUR warts and problems and we are going to defend our town against anyone.

I guess there are absolutely millions who can resonate to this kind of mood (haha me too; I’m proud of Huddersfield ffs!). Life’s too short not to be comfortable in your skin or your surroundings, so if this song theme doesn’t shout to you it’s perhaps time for a hard reflect about where you should live or how you can make it work for you. Deep lecture time over.

Of course, it’s largely about the sound and the music, and here Jonny Ash have produced a right sparky banger once again. These guys are building up a huge body of solid work and songs they can be totally proud of.

With This Town, while there is the confident spark of that other band containing brothers, Oasis. I also think there’s a bit of the cheeky individual spark of someone like The Small Faces or the Kinks; chirpy, irrepressible, a bit of spiky fun, and a reet good tune (as we might say in my town).

Jonny Ash have definitely captured something very local, just as the Small Faces and the Kinks always did.

You always know a quality band when it seems they make what they produce effortless, and where they could make a musical adaption of a Hollyoaks script sound profound.

Jonny Ash sound like they have soaked up layers and layers of musical history from the afore mentioned Oasis, the Stone Roses, and then heavier roots such as the Beatles and Thin Lizzy. As a result, while the music sounds fresh, Jonny Ash also have an attractive layer of historical musical patina.


* images taken from the band’s social media


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