San Francisco – 513

Listen to the title track of the new San Francisco EP – 513 and then tell me you aren’t excited for this band’s future and I’ll call you a cheeky little fibber. In fact I’d probably add an additional word, but then I am a vile potty mouth when I have a bit of extra blood pulsing through my lively little brain.

What we can all agree on is that San Francisco’s 513 is one lush bouncy banger, and it’s the real deal; shiny, hot and ready to be heard. When you add in the recently released crisp San Francisco anthem Know Me Better which is also going to be on the EP and these guys are clearly on fire. From the opening strings in the tune, you just know the Leeds based band are honestly onto something here.

I’ve been banging on about vocalist Iwan Grant’s San Francisco project for almost 2 years now, and in that time it has grown from a near solo bedroom lock down project to a live performing 4 piece band where all members take a part in the songwriting process.

While San Francisco have grown and developed their sound with the influence of each band member coming in, it’s equally clear that the musical ethos from those early bedroom demos remain strong. There’s a clear sensitivity in the whole range of the music, be it the understated almost hesitant vocals of Iwan, the gentle but strongly pulsing beat of the music, the intricate and delicate but full on sound, and the lyric subject matter which often seem to cover an aspect of the trials and tribulations of relationships.

I think what’s special is how San Francisco make everyday subjects we all can relate to, and they turn them into something magical. It’s almost like when you see Nigella cooking up egg and chips. Amazing egg and chips.

So, exciting tings await for San Francisco, and that EP launch gig at one of my favourite venues Oporto in Leeds on 27 October promises to be a special night. For those without a golden ticket (still on sale don’t panic) or unable to get there, the full EP release on 21 October is no shallow substitute. Get those songs pre-ordered and play loud while laid back with your eyes closed. Just try not to think of Nigella and her eggs.


* images of the band have been taken from their socials.


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