Red Shakes – Borrowed Time

Bradford based Red Shakes has again stepped it up another gear over recent months; Sam and his band have been gigging up and down the country, making new friends and admirers, and here with the October 2022 release of new single Borrowed Time, there’s a blend of that customary Shaky summery sound coupled with a new more complex, smoother and full on tone. The result is an open and accessible vibe with a nice lingering bite.

More of Borrowed Time is sung at a higher register and while Red Shakes was never afraid to pull it up an octave higher in his songs, this lighter pitch overall gives a good counterpane to his previous tunes. Red Shakes has pulled off a classy, contemporary feel with Borrowed Time. There’s clear development with the Red Shakes sound and Borrowed Time is up there with the best.

The lyrics to my ear reflects some of the frustration we can feel when we would like to get close with someone but they show no indication of showing a reciprocal interest. The Borrowed Time theme in the song also feels perfect for this time of year, where every sunny mild day feels like it might be the last for a while. Shaky Sam is a good time boy (haha, he perhaps won’t thank me for that comment), so despite the frustration in the song, it’s a happy go lucky tune nevertheless. Our protagonist is chilled and resigned perhaps to never getting his love target, but there’s no bitterness.

Mick and the boys are having a greater influence on my live musical choices than I ever imagined possible at the moment (although the Mick in question is Mick Lynch, and the Rolling bit relates to rolling train strikes). However, I was fortunate enough to catch Red Shakes live earlier in the year, and so I can guarentee you will be treated to a bright and sparky performance if you go and see him. Today (Saturday 15 October) sees Red Shakes doing a double (HMV Bradford at 12 noon, before a gig in Blackpool Dirty Blondes. On 5 November, the Shake train is coming to Leeds Lending Room, the the Liverpool Jac on the 12th, and a lively homecoming gig at Al’s Juke Bar in Bradford on the 26th.


  • Images have been taken from Red Shakes socials


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