Addi – Visions of You

Leeds based solo artist Addi is on a huge mission. It’s a musical equivalent of a trip to the moon; 12 new tracks to be released each month of 2023 and some huge self promotion work to get his end of 2023 released album (Friends, Loose Ends & Whatever Life Sends) into the billboard charts by year end. If talent and determination are any measure, expect to see Addi flying high amongst the stars.

The first new single (or album track as I should say) is Visions of You a nice low-key-vibes track, which bounces along until it earworms into your brain. Addi’s sound is very current and smooth.

If Cavetown, Bon Iver and The 1975 did a collab, it might sound like Visions of You. Addi has recently posted very creditable covers of classic Bowie and Beatles, so he clearly also has that classic built to last style there too.

Visions of You is performed by Addi (Joe Rees), Matt Cross (also from band San Francisco) and some amazing late nite jazzy Sax from Ben Nimmo.

Ambition is both attractive and inspiring and Addi is charting his journey and his aspirations on his socials, principally Instagram. His pages also features Addi’s beautiful cat, Oscar, possibly the only creature on earth more ginger than Addi himself.

Rather than get depressed being outraged and frustrated by the views of some deadbeat so called influencer on social media, I recommend the simple positivity of someone trying their damnedest to achieve their goals. Addi may die trying, but he’s giving it a best shot. He’s making some amazing sounds as he’s going along.


* images have been taken from Addi’s socials


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