Brother Vice – Damage

Northern Ireland’s Brother Vice have definitely prepared a musical meal smelling rich and deliciously home cooked with their new single Damage. It’s tasty good and Brother Vice are quickly gaining a reputation for dependable.

From the off, this Brother Vice track Damage is a solid strong guitar based tune; pulsing and heavy but also with a good sensitive counter-balance. Y’know those old 90’s posters of solid men gently melting their hearts through looking at the trusting puppy on its back in his solid arms? That’s kind of Damage, a rock solid dependable quality, but also not afraid to show a softer side.

There’s nothing but quality there though. I hear something in Brother Vice that makes me think that fans of the Killers, Fender solid rock banger would dig (and fans of bands like the Sheratans and the Sherlocks would also be comfortable on their backs in the arms of Brother Vice (yeah that sounded much better in my head) but there’s a gentle and sensitive edge here too.

The lyrics to my ear are about the risk and hurt of a new relationship and those barriers that history and fear can create. Musically the track is polished but with huge rock guitar rhythms going on. A clever track this. Likewise those Brother Vice guys know just how to deliver a catchy hook.

Brother Vice formed in Northern Ireland during those hard (at least for those of us living outside of #10) lock down days where a future performing music often felt a million miles away.

The guys got through it, a huge achievement in itself for a new band, and so I can imagine every live gig now feels especially precious. The band’s next gig is at Belfast Deer’s Head as support to The Scarlet Cavaliers on 17 Feb 2023.

These Brother Vice guys are steadily building up a solid dependable menu of tunes that will sound equally good on stage. I’m looking forward to hearing what’s next.


* images taken from the band’s socials


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