The Avelles: 10:45

It’s quite a task for any new artist; creating their own distinctive band style, but at the same time not making their musical output too samey. Three released Spotify tracks in, Leeds (Menston) based The Avelles have to my ear already hit that sweet spot perfectly.

I admire every single artist that I review (trust me, it’s an uphill battle writing a review about a track you are indifferent towards). Above that though, The Avelles are one of a small select bunch I truly think are something special. With The Avelles, there’s a sweet blend of youth, jangling guitars, great vocals and an instinct for a banger tune. I also love that the band sound uncompromisingly f’king Yorkshire.

Latest (Feb 2023) Avelles track 10:45 has a heady promise of the early part of a banging night out. Everything is great, you are with your mates, and it’s all sweet fun where you forget your worries.

As an anthem for hedonistic living 10:45 delivers perfectly. I listen to this song and I can sniff summer nights bouncing around being a bit mad.

The Avelles as a band are another product of lock down, and while the time was truly rubbish, I think it made a lot of us realise what’s important and to release that creativity (I’m still working up a new version of the book I wrote to while away those hours). It’s clear The Avelles got their heads well into a thoughtful, melodic indie groove, and with their 3 released tracks (Caught, Hacienda, and now 10:45) there’s a real progression.

I don’t want to play sound-alikes, but fans of upbeat crisp jangling indie will be happy in their company. As an aside, it is well worth taking a look at the range of tunes on the bands own playlists on Spotify – treasures, classics and something new to explore indeed. Hashtag impressive indeed.


* Images are taken from the bands socials


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