Walking Contradiction – Tongue Tied

I always look forward to exploring a new Walking Contradiction track, and getting to know the first new tune of 2023 Tongue Tied is no exception. Louie Kaye is the main man behind Walking Contradiction, and he always has such a strong vision and sound for his songs.

The project Walking Contradiction was originally named in homage to the Green Day song, and its true that Louie’s music has a similar honest spiky punch, with a good strong and direct vocal delivery.

That said, Walking Contradiction is not afraid to drop in a curve ball nor hit it hard and honest with the lyricism; tracks like Platypus (my personal favourite), and the huge depth and power of a track like Palm Trees, give this musical project a pleasing rounded out depth.

The Tongue Tied lyrics tell their own mortifying tale of that horrible palm sweaty, rabbit in a headlight moment when you are called upon to speak. Your mind moves into panic mode and you are left gasping for words. Fortunately Louie is at least able to get his thoughts onto paper.

I used the powers invested in me as top music reviewer (in my imagination) to ask our Louie a bit about the song:

So Tongue Tied was written when I was 17 about my troubles with self confidence. Despite being able to get on a stage and song in front of people I have always been very shy.

If I had to talk to a group of people I would just freeze up and not be able to talk at all so it was very difficult for me in school as when I would be asked questions by teachers I’d just sit there I’d try to say words but they wouldn’t come out of my mouth”

Musically there’s a really strong guitar opener, which just keeps on pulsing on through the tune. Once again Louis has chosen the magnificent Gafro Studios, and Gus Turner the house producer just makes this type of punchy song have an extra couple of pounds of pressure. There’s an intense force at the heart of this tune.

I wondered where Tongue Tied had been, so Louie told me:

When I released Beautiful Chaos in 2021; I was asked by a few people I went to college with where Tongue Tied was, and when it would be released and I actually promised I’d put it on the next EP.

I then completely forgot I had made the promise, so it didn’t make it onto the Rainy Day EP either, so I made sure that I brought it out this time round. I hope everyone is enjoying it”.

Louie is currently on the hunt for a drummer and bass player to do some gigs. He assured me an elderly gentleman playing a uke badly wouldn’t cut it, so it’s over to you folks – DM Louis on his socials if you have the fancy.


* images are taken from Walking Contradiction social media


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