Red Shakes – Doubt

Back in my youth, the cool kids were generally portent seers of doom; scowling at the camera and the world. Refreshing then that Bradford’s Red Shakes (Sam Da Silva) has a lyrical message where he is comfortable to explore the world, to own his own mistakes and to smile at the same time.

With Red Shakes, there’s no Robert Smith or Morrissey introspective moping and stressing angst, but Red Shakes nevertheless is carving out his own equally distinctive take it as it comes approach to life.

With new (April 2023) single, Red Shakes has come up with a pop perfect banger with Doubt. It’s bright and breezy and as fresh as those green leaves we can now see sprouting on the branches. Musically, Doubt has vibes going back to the classic pop era of the 1960’s but it also feels 2020’s sharp with those tight lyrics and equally bright delivery.

Sam tells me the tune has been ready to go for almost 12 months – I can only imagine what it’s like to be excited for a tune and then having to hold it. I’d be a rubbish musician and not just because I can hardly play a note. Timing is all.

The lyrics in Doubt have a very strong butt out vibe – you know that well meant advice from others, which actually impedes how we do things, how we make our choices and how we lead our life. Red Shakes has even decided he wants a take 2, where his life runs out in some kind of parallel universe where his preferences and thoughts guide him, rather than be swayed by others. That angle hits a chord with me for sure.

I promise I’ll never dadsplain again…. OK, I probably will, but feel free to tell me to shut the f up. I won’t be offended.

Red Shakes is building up a hard fast following and he has promised to get a Red Shakes tattoo if his tune gets to 1000 hits over the weekend. I’m not going to suggest numbing cream – make your own mind up feller…. but there’s no doubt this lad is getting tattooed.


* images taken from Red Shakes socials


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