Apollo Junction: History

So what of Apollo Junction’s next release? Their last one, By The River, was something of detour along their musical journey. Their latest, History, a is a clear departure from anything that I have been used to or was expecting. It’s an intriguing mixture of acoustic and electric guitar overlaid with melodic and harmonic keyboards that give the tune both flow and complexity. There’s a depth and a maturity here as well as a confidence in their ability to create, investigate and experiment. This is true not only of the song’s musical style but of its mix and of the effects used to create its edge.


It’s slower and more carefully measured in its tempo than previous releases. It still has that ability to build through the song to its musical climax where the keyboard work eventually becomes detached from the melody and begins to swirl and find its own direction. Until this point every element and instrument seems to work together, reaching something of a crescendo at points by way of a ‘wall of sound’ feel. The vocal mix is softer and more considered, almost falsetto like at times, but it too gets increasingly powerful as the track progresses in true Apollo Junction style before we are left once again with the simplicity of the acoustic guitar.

The video too represents a change from the norm. More moody and atmospheric with a sepia tone to add to the feel.

Die hard fans of the self proclaimed ‘DIY band’ will love the chance to get their teeth into something different whilst it will open the door for newcomers to allow them to access their back catalogue.

The band continue to stretch their own musical boundaries with this release. It’s brave, it’s bold and it’s certainly worth a listen…or two.

Words by Duncan Grant

* images taken from the band’s own social media.


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