Hot Liquor Tank – Far From Now

Take a little time out of this reviewing lark and you can never catch up. There is such a steady stream of unmissable tunes out there.

One single I wanted to give a shout out to though is the debut single by the totally polished and ready Hot Liquor Tank. The Leeds based duo have a magnificent track out, Far from Now, and there’s more to come, with a further single in June.

I’ve written about HLT lead vocalist Sam Hutchinson on these pages before, and how much I admire his solid, strong smoky vocals, which can sometimes have a feel for the sound of Kelly Jones. Add in some personal and emotional lyrics for this track and quality is once again the word.

Sam has been working on his solo career and after the worst ravages of lockdown has been a regular performer around the pubs, clubs, beer festivals and festivals around Leeds and a little further afield.

As part of his musical craftship, Sam hooked up with fellow singer-songwriter Nigel Passey doing some gig work. As you do, the pair got talking about music, found they had some similar thinking about making banging tunes and decided they might want to pool that talent into some new songs. Far From Now is the first released fruit from that labour.

In terms of style, with Far From Now, I kind of get a UK alt folk-rock style. I’m a big fan of the likes of Elliott Smith. While there’s no Americana in Far From Now, there is nevertheless that similar vibe style and polish – that emotion, and that ear for guitar melody.

Hot Liquor Tank have that lush, relaxed, quality current alt rock sound that will stand the test of time. I can see the duo picking up a devoted following before so long.

As is often the way with Sam’s vocals there is a line which hangs in the air and lingers over my head for a while afterwards: “Take the hand that shows you all your fears” to my mind gives a thoughtful, honest description of a close relationship. You learn as much about yourself in a relationship as you do a partner.

Hot Liquor Tank play both the 100% music venues (they recently played the Bradford Underground), but they also play clubs and pubs. Next up (so far listed) for the band is Aireborough Beer Festival on 16 June in Guiseley Theatre.

*words by Tiggerligger, images are from the social media of the duo.


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