Tom A Smith – Weirdo

19 year old Sunderland lad Tom A Smith continues to go from strength to strength with his new single Weirdo. Tom has already released three EP’s over this past year (I am including a very worthy collection of piano version songs), and it seems clear his songwriting tap is flowing pure from a deep well. I hear tell of another EP of Tom A Smith songs and vibes coming very soon.

Tom is always creating, exploring and improving with a style which can range from dark deep songs which have a feel for Leonard Cohen, a rocking on trend 80’s style tune or a gentle sensitive folk ballad to a track like his new single Weirdo which quite frankly hits the banger spot squarely in the bollocks. It seems there’s very little this guy cannot do. Hell, Tom can even cover a Kate Bush tune and do it amazingly.

Weirdo is one of those total instant crowd-pleasers with an insistent pulsing beat, a tune with a strong thirst for life, and a strong chorus which demands a shout-a-long – “We are both weirdos, I wanna be a weirdo with you”. The theme of the song is irresistible; we are both weird, lets get together and lets take on the world. Take on board Tom’s distinctive strong vocals and we have a strong contender for one of the tracks of 2023.

The lyrics in Weirdos really continue to show Tom’s instinct to strike a chord with everyone. Each track is clear and totally relatable all the way from Tom’s first single Wolves, which was a biting commentary on how the government left the vulnerable out to dry after the first part of the Covid saga, and Dragonfly, which was a wish to be someone and somewhere else. Take that Weird opening line “You freeze your heart, I’ll melt it back“. Artificial Intellegence read that and weep, this is the real deal.

I’ve tipped Tom for the big time since I heard that first single Wolves, and his career has gone from strength to strength since, be it with support slots with massive names (Elton of course), and the more recent chance to appear in TV slots (MOTD and Sunday Brunch coming up this weekend).

Tom A Smith gigs with his amazing support band are a real joy to witness (and I’m honoured to have seen (I think) the full band’s just second appearance back around 18 months ago). Even then the band were sizzling, and when I caught them more recently back in Huddersfield, even tighter still. What was also great to witness was Tom and the band moving from venue to venue during the evening event to catch some of our local Yorkshire talent, and clearly just enjoying exploring new music.

So talking of seeing Tom A Smith live, today (May 2023) sees Tom and the band release tickets for their first headline tour at the end of the year – there’s 28 towns to choose from, so take your fill and dip in. I’ll be a weirdo with you.

* words by Tiggerligger

* images from Tom A Smith’s socials


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