alright (okay) – Andy Warhol

Of course Bowie has the most famous explanation on the planet about how to (not) say the name Andy Warhol “hole, it’s hole as in holes” on his Hunky Dory track. However, I reckon we could get one going for Liverpool lads alright (okay) now they have released (January 2022) a single of the same name. Here goes… Andy Warhol, it’s a bit like phwoar, y’know Andy Phwoar-hol. OK that opening paragraph sounded so much better in my head, but this alright (okay) track is at least a bit of a sexy beast.

I first came across alright (okay) (who are Alex, Jonah, James and Will) as I was filling a gap and waiting for Stone to play at Liverpool Sounds City last autumn. As is the way of these things, alright (okay) and their spirited set became much more than a simple gap filler, and were much more than okay.

Andy Warhol reminds me of the essence of that gig, bright, spirited and with a sound of a band about to lose it. The track kind of reminds me of the free spirit of the likes of the Libertines, and those spiky Liverpool bands like Courting and Stone. It’s a heady mix of spiky abandon with the vocals but a tight punky control with the guitar chords and a drum beat you could tie a heart monitor to. There is an urgency about alright (okay) which perhaps stems from that 18 month kick our heels we all had, but which for this band coincided with what might have been their first live gigs. The result is a stage presence of freshly uncaged hyenas.

alright (okay) are yet another band who are building up a string of clever tracks with a lot to say and to do it with a beat to remove hip fat. After Paris and the first release Coffee make a pretty perfect little Spotify trip. It’s Liverpool, it’s garage, it’s buoyant, it’s clever, it’s fun. Go get on it.

As always I’m stupid jealous for the people of Liverpool who will get chance to see alright (okay) at the lovely Jimmy’s tomorrow (4 Feb 2022) with support from Mondo Trasho and Dead Animals. If you miss it (huh?), there’s chance to see them at a support slot at the Art’s Club on the 25 February with Mexican Dogs and Tony Steele and the Massacre and Murmurs.

Chris R

* Images taken from the band’s social media


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